Sunday, August 28, 2011

SIPCOT Industrial Project

SIPCOT Industrial Project IN Thervoy 
The villagers of Gumminipondi & Uthukottai Thaluk of Thiruvallur district, where the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) industrial project is coming, have said they are not against any development in their areas, but they will promote industries which will preserve their environment.
SIPCOT, a government agency, has handed over 1,127 acres of land used for cattle grazing by the Thervoy villagers to six companies for developing industries. Amongst such companies, we find Michelin, the French tyre maker which seems to make the area an important rubber industry center, Harsha Float, a Dubai-based subsidiary, which will implement a glass manufacturing, Harsha engineering which will produce glass for heavy engineering, Bekaert Industries a Belgian nylon and steel manufacturer, the US building decorator Hunter Douglas, and Tropical Breweries.
  1. Michelin
  2.  Harsha Float
  3.  Harsha engineering
  4.  Bekaert Industries
  5.  Hunter Douglas
  6. Tropical Breweries
list of company detail: