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Pradosham kalam

What is Pradosham
Pradosham literally means the removal of Sins. This is an auspicious time or a holy spiritual time; these times are the windows of opportunity to remove the bad karma or karmic energies that limit our potential in this current life. And this is the best time to ask Lorad Shiva to fulfill our desires!
What is Karma
Why do some people have successful career, loads of money, a seemingly great romantic life and radiant health and vitality while many others suffer for the want of one or many of these? – This is due to Karma!

Karma rules all the aspects of human life like health, wealth, education and relationship. “Karma is your pre-disposition and is one of the primary influences which decide whether you will have money, relationship etc. Everyone has a choice to live his/her old karma or create a new one. Because they do not know how to remove their old karma, they simply live their old karma until they die.

Karma is not just a metaphysical philosophy; it is real. Whatever you think becomes a reality in the invisible space-time complex of your soul. Then it manifests in life after an appropriate lapse of time. It is extremely important to remain positive and only nurture positive thoughts. There is a danger of the negative thoughts catching up to us and inflicting us in this life or in a life to come. It is the thought process that creates the karma. It is the planets that influence the thoughts.
Pradosham over Karma
Pradosham times are the windows of opportunities to remove bad Karma or Karmic energies that limit our potential in the current life. It is the time that Lord Shiva observes the Karma from people and blessing us. The twilight, Pradosham makes the end of the day light and beginning of the light. Day is rules by Gods, angels and saints while night is ruled by evil spirits.

The twilight is the time of Lord Shiva when he observes the day and night, good and evil and all opposites into Oneness. This time of transition is also one of transcendence. The twilight time is also called End Time when earth ends (SUN). No one can afford to miss this powerful time on a daily basis.

The times occur daily as well as on 13th Moons.

Pradosham timings provide the ideal opportunities to dissolve bad karmas. Be in a meditative mode during pradosham time and use the powerful Chant of “Shree Neela Kantam” since the accrue karma everyday, karma removal is an ongoing process; it is the holy process performing rituals, vrathas, fasting, homas and Yagnams.

These karma busting windows of opportunities called Pradoshams occur daily and on 13th Moons.
How Pradosham is performed?
During the Pradosham ritual, both the Siva Lingam and the Nandhi statue are given as Abhishekam. It is an interesting aspect to see why Nandhi has been given equal importance as that of Siva Lingam. Getting from the past, during the “Churning of the Milky Ocean”, Nandhi was the one who carried the poison to Shiva at His request. After Shiva drank the poison, He fell down and Parvathi grabbed his throat to stop the flow of the poison, and that is why the blue throat.

At the same moment, Nandhi had a thought that is he carried the poison to Shiva and he is not affected to it, and then may be he is more powerful than Shiva (Here a good did followed by Ego)

Nandhi immediately went mad and ran around kicking wildly. Goddess Parvathi managed to put a ring through his nose and tame him, bringing him back to sanity.

Hence during pradosham, Shiva’s energy flows through Nandhi. It is symbolically represented by Nandhi carrying Shiva on his back. Nandi represents Dharma. This is action with righteousness which is the opposite of accruing karma through wrong action. The world is now out of balance with evil and negativity being predominant.
“Shree Sarvamangala Sametha Shree Pallikondeswara Swamiye Namaha

Pradosha kalam in 2012,Pradosha days in 2012,pradosha puja 2012

5 -Sunday
19 -Sunday

6 -Tuesday
20 -Tuesday

4 -Wednesday
18 -Wednesday

3 -Thursday
18 -Friday

2 -Saturday
16 -Saturday

1 -Sunday
16 -Monday
30 -Monday

15 -Wednesday
29 -Wednesday


13 -Thursday
27 -Thursday

13 -Saturday
27 -Saturday

11 -Sunday
25 -Sunday

11 -Tuesday
25 -Tuesday

Pradosha kalam in 2012,Pradosha days in 2012,pradosha puja 2012