§                     Perandur permual,sivan temple- 6 km
§                     Ramagiri Subramaniya Swamy Temple - 15 km
§                     Nagalapuram Vedanarayana Swamy Temple - 10 km
§                     Suruttapalii Pallikondeswara Temple -1 km
§                     Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman temple - 18 km
§                     Thirukandalam, Maduravasal, Panayanjeri, Arani, Puduvoyal and Ariyathurai - Most famous in ShivasTemple.

Suruttapalii Pallikondeswara Temple 

Surutapalli Pallikondeswarar "Sayana Sivan" (sleeping Shiva) and the importance of  Pradosham. Guruji says once you get the Pradosham pooja done at this temple it will help you ward off all the daridrya dukha.

Pallikondeswara Swamy Surutapalli Devasthanam

The Pallikondeswarar Swamy Surutapalli Temple is located in Andhra Pradesh state and is approximately 2 kms from Uthukottai in the Chennai-Periyapalayam-Tirupati road. Pradosha is celebrated with great shradha, popularity and vigour here and as per beliefs, it was here where practice of celebrating Pradosha Kalam started in origin.

It is a unique Shiva temple since Shiva is seen to be in a reclining pose on the lap of Goddess Parvathi similar to Vishnu's Ananthasayana pose. This place is also sacred with stones carrying foot marks of Lava & Kusa being traced to period ofRamayana. Dakshinamoorthy is considered very powerful and popular to offer prayers here. Goddess Parvathi is called Marahathambikai and is very beautiful along the side of Valmikiswarar Syambhu Lingam. Kanchipuram Sankara Paramacharya is considered to have spent lot of time here meditating and he is the person who traced this place to Ramayana period findings.

Location Of Temple
Suruttapalli village is approx. 60 from Chennai in the Thirupathi (Balaji) route via Uthukottai. One can get into the Chennai - Kolkatta Grand North Trunk (GNT) Road first which can be reached either by Guindy-Koyampedu-Padi-Redihills route or Parry-Basinbridge-Perambur-Madavaram-Redhills route. At GNT Road you will come across the Karanodai bridge and immediately after, the Toll Plaza the road to the left here goes to Periyapalayam, Uthukottai, Nagalapuram and Thirupathi. Take this road to Periyapalayam and at Periyapalayam take the left side road that goes through a bridge to Uthukottai (famous from Devi). From Uthukottai, the temple is just 2 kms away and is on the main road itself. Practically it is at the end of the Uthukottai town which is the border between Tamilnadu and Andhra. The temple is in Andhra state.

Purana Legend
Once Devaraj Indra, the King of Gods, while riding on his white elephant Iravatha came across Sage Durvasa who offered him a special garland. Indra accepted the garland but without giving much importance he gave it to his elephant. Iravatha was irritated by the smell of the flowers in the garland and therefore threw the garland on the floor and stamped on it. This act enraged sage Durvasa as he got the garland from “Sridevi” as prasada. Immediately Durvasa cursed Indra and all devas to be bereft of all strength, energy, and fortune.
Due to this curse, in the battles that followed Devas were defeated and Asuras led by Mahabali chakravarthy, gained control of the universe. Devas sought help from Lord Vishnu who advised them to take the path of diplomacy with Asuras and the only way to regain lost glory was to drink Amrutham/nectar. Devas came to an agreement with asuras to jointly churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality and to share it among them. However, Lord Vishu told Devas that he would ensure Amrutha (Nectar) does not get to Asuras.
During the Samudra Mathan (churning) of the Ocean of Milk Mount Mandaranchal was used as the dasher (churning tool), and Vasuki, the king of serpents, became the churning rope. The gods held the tail of the snake, while the demons (Asuras) held its head, and they pulled on it alternately causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean. However, once the mountain was placed on the ocean, it began to sink. With request from both Devas and Asuras Lord Vishnu took the form of a turtle (Kurma avatara), came to their rescue and supported the mountain on his back.
Poison was the first to come when churning started and this terrified the Devas and Asuras because, the poison was so toxic that it might have destroyed all of creation. On the advice of Vishnu, both Devas and Asuras approached Shiva for help and protection. Out of compassion for living beings, Shiva drank the poison. It was so potent that it changed the color of Shiva's neck to blue and therefore he is also called Neelakantha (the blue-necked one, nīla = "blue", kantha = "throat"). Parvati immediately realized the deeds of Shiva and put her hand to stop the Kalakutta poison from entering Lord Shiva’s body. Lord Shiva felt very dizzy and lay down with his head on Parvathi’s lap and the whole world went dark. [SURUTAPALLI TEMPLE IN ANDHRA PRADESH] JUST ACROSS TAMIL NADU BORDER BUILT BY HARI HARA BUKKARAYA DEPICTS THIS AND IS THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD WHERE LORD SHIVA IS IN THE FORM OF SAYANAM (NORMALLY VISHNU'S FORM IN TEMPLES). As soon as the effect of poison diminished and Lord Shiva came back to normalcy all Devas and Asuras wanted to have his Darshan. When they approach Nandi (Sacred Bull) for permission to see Lord Shiva, Nandi refused and asked them to pray and wait since, Lord Shiva and Parvati were together. With prayers from devas and asuras, Lord Shiva gave them Darshan doing Ananda Thandavam on top of the forehead of Rishaba Vahana. This period when Lord Shiva gave them Darshan is known as Pradosha Kalam.

This day, when the Devas, Brahma, Vishnu, Narada and Saptarishis had Shiva darshan was a Krishnapaksha Trayodasi (Stiravaram, Saturday). This is the Mahapradosham day. Pradhosham, generally, is a significant occasion observed with great piety at all Shiva temples.

It is believed that all the Devas & Gods are assembled in the Shiva temples during Pradosham time. Further, the first pradosham was on a Saturday & hence "Sani Pradosham" is even more auspicious.

Eye Opened in surutapalli Temple

Sri Pallikondeswara Swamy Devasthanam, 
Surutapalli, Dasukuppam Post, Nagalapuram M.D.,
Chittoor District Pin-517 588 (A.P.)

Darshan Time:

Morning : 6.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Evening : 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Pradosham days morning 6.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Parvathy Pathayea…. Hara Hara Mahadeva! Dear All, Most of us might aware that "Sani Pradosham" is even more auspicious at Surutapalli Siva temple, however I would like to share this small
information to all about Surutapalli Sivan kovil, which is very famous for SANI
Pradosham, however Tamilnadu tourism have organized one day package trip (I
have done my booking today for 31st Oct) details attached. Sri
Sarvamangala Sametha PalliKondeswarar Alayam,Surutapalli ABOUT 56 KM from Chennai,
on the Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh border, is a small village called Surutapalli,
which houses the only "Sayana Sivan" (sleeping Shiva) called
Pallikondeswarar. The temple has an interesting history which is as follows: Once Indra lost his kingdom and found that only if he consumed
the Divine Nectar he could rule. So there was a tug of war between the devas
and asuras to obtain this nectar. The Devas and Asuras got together to churn
the ocean, using Mandramalai & Vaasuki, the snake. As they continued to
churn the ocean, Vaasuki the snake began to tire and started spewing its
poison. Siva came and consumed all the poison. Thus Siva became blue up to his
throat and is also known by the name "Neelakandan" ( neela-blue colour,
kandam-throat). Goddess Parvati rushed and held his neck so that the poison
would not spread to the whole of his body. Shiva then became drowsy and
selected a village called Surutapalli (near Chennai), where he is seen sleeping
on the lap of Parvathi. This is the only temple that houses Lord Shiva in a
sleeping position.

Narada, meanwhile, passed on the message and down came the Devas, Brahma,
Vishnu and the Saptarishis, to have darshan. They were promptly stopped by
Nandi who asked them all to come after some time, as Shiva was resting. All of
them waited. Shiva, when he woke up, was filled with extreme happiness and
danced ("Ananda Thandavam"). This day, when the Devas, Brahma,
Vishnu, Narada and Saptarishis had Shiva darshan was a Krishnapaksha Trayodasi
(Stiravaram, Saturday). This is the Mahapradosham day. Pradhosham, generally,
is a significant occasion observed with great piety at all Shiva temples. 

It is believed that all the Devas & Gods are assembled in the Shiva temples
during Pradosham time. Further, the first pradosham was on a Saturday & 
hence "Sani Pradosham" is even more auspicious. Dampathya Dakshinaa moorthy
Surutapalli Sivan – Sani Pradhosam one
day Package trip, tickets available at Tamilnadu Tourism Office (Next to
Kalaivanar Aaramgam, Chepauk, Chennai) details as below.
1 Day Destination Covered:
Surutapalli Tour Detail: One Day Tour – Exclusive for Sani
Pradosham (Lord Shiva and Snake worship) day 09:00 am to 8:00pm
Places To See in this package tour: -
Kakalur (Sri Anjaneyar), Thiruvallur (Sri Veeraraghava Perumal, Surutapalli
(Sri Pallikondeeshwarar). Rate:
Rs.200/- Online Booking:
http://www.ttdconline.com Chennai TTDC Phone:
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Information in tamil:

 பள்ளிகொண்ட சிவன், வால்மீகிஸ்வரர்



தல விருட்சம்



  2000-3000 வருடங்களுக்கு முன்  

புராண பெயர்



 ஆந்தர பிரதேஷம்


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